COVID-19 Response Second Timeframe Extension

The Queensland State Government has released a Second Extension Notice made under the Planning Act 2016. Findasite explains what it means for the Development Industry and Development Approvals Timeframes.

With the ongoing saga that is COVID-19, delays have been felt through the development Industry in Queensland, whether it is by authorities taking longer than usual to release decisions or a developer’s inability to timely project manage a development application. COVID-19 has caused some stressful situations for all stakeholders that have been involved as they try to continue their usual business while dealing with the constant fear of lockdowns.

Due to this the Minister for Planning the Honorable Cameron Dick, under his executive powers has extended the currency period of all development approvals and compliance permits under s85, s299(2) and period of completion referenced under s 88 and s342 or any other relevant provision of the Planning Act 2016 and via his emergency powers under s275R of the Planning Act 2016. The extension notice extends the currency periods stated in the notice by six months. The extension notice applied to development approvals and compliance permits that are in effect on 1 September 2021, or that come into effect between 1 September 2021 and 30 September 2021 are included.

The extension applies in perpetuity, even though the effect of the notice ends on 30 September 2021.

For Example: A Development Approval that was in effect on 1 September 2021, that would have normally lapsed 3 October 2021, would now lapse not lapse until 3 April 2022.

The Minister has also noted where a development approval had received the six month (6) extension notice given by the Planning Minister in July 2020 and was still in effect on 1 September 2021, this extension applies in addition to the six months already provided.

This extension does not apply for Building Works Development Approvals for Building Works to which s71 of the Building Act (1975) Applies.

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