FINDASITE - Services

Findasite has the ability to cover all aspects of property development, from the conceptual stage, through to the issuing of a development approval and beyond. Below are various services provided by Findasite.

Findasite Town Planners have been able to build strong working relationships with Local and State Government throughout Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales. Through these relationships Findasite has been successful in gaining Development Approvals for a range of projects.

Whether it is a RiskSmart Application or an Impact Assessable, Development Application Findasite has the skills and knowledge to get you great results.

Findasite is a Risksmart accredited consultant with Logan City Council and has completed numerous Risksmart applications with City of Gold Coast. Through this experience Findasite have managed to build great relationships with local government officers to ensure our clients a quick and easy Risksmart Development Approval process.

After gaining Development Approval Findasite offers its clients the opportunity to work alongside an experienced team to complete all compliance matters. This includes the Findasite team managing Plumbing and Drainage applications, Vehicle Crossovers, Operational Works and any other further permits that may be required before beginning construction.

Findasite offers the opportunity for its clients to take a step back and put the titling process in our capable hands. With the Director’s background in law we are able to use his expertise to provide a streamlined titling process.

Findasite offers its clients the opportunity to work together in order to take away the stress of balancing various consultants during the Development Process. Findasite simplifies development for its clients to guide them to a successful outcome by sourcing quotes and providing recommendations in regards to expert consultants that may be required throughout the development process. Findasite can also provide an expected costing in regards to gaining Development Approval.

Findasite Town Planners has built up a vast network of consultants since its inception and are available to offer their input when needed. This includes Architects, Engineers, Certifiers, Economists and Scientists.

Findasite prides itself in sourcing the best development sites in Queensland and New South Wales for its clients. Whether you are after an entry level development or an experienced developer looking for a high rise site we have the skills and knowledge to find a site that suits you best.

Findasite are experts when it comes to providing advice for clients at the initial stages of development. Findasite will often recommend due diligence works on complicated projects, which significantly reduces the financial risk while providing certainty and confidence for the client. Due diligence will often include a costing of the project and meetings with relevant local and state government agencies to ensure initial support for a project, before the client makes any significant outlay financially.

Civil360 have joined the Findasite Team within its office and provides close to 30 years of engineering experience. Civiil360 specialise in civil and flood engineering.

Archisolve have joined the Findasite Team within its office and provides close to 10 years of Architectural Drafting experience. Archisolve specialise in small scale residential and commercial projects.